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NAKODA Aboriginal Engagement

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NAKODA recognizes and appreciates the unique qualities, abilities and diversities of Aboriginal People and their relationship with their lands and environment. Through open communication, we develop positive relationships with Aboriginal People that are based on trust, honesty and integrity. This builds a synergy that will help us all to realize our goals, and accomplish mutually beneficial business objectives.

NAKODA commits to creating relationships with Aboriginal and First Nation’s Peoples in areas where, traditional lands and or communities are close to, or are affected by projects and or operations.


The Policy

Guiding Principles

We respect the Aboriginal and First Nation’s Peoples traditional values and ways of life, heritage sites, and the relationship with their lands and the environment.

We engage in open, honest, two-way communication with Aboriginal and First Nation’s peoples in regards to NAKODA’s operations.

We are committed to working with Aboriginal and First Nation’s Peoples by assisting them in achieving continual benefits resulting from NAKODA’s operations, including opportunities to build capacity in training to employment, and business development.

We cultivate understanding, respect and opportunities for local Aboriginal and First Nation’s Peoples among NAKODA’s employees and contractors.

NAKODA upholds a shared commitment to corporate social responsibility, including ourselves, employees, and contractors. We always conduct our operations and general business in a manner that reflects the above principles.

NAKODA will provide ongoing leadership and resources including action plans to ensure the effective implementation of the above principles and policies.


The People

NAKODA will offer equal opportunities to Aboriginal and First Nation’s Peoples to become a part of our permanent workforce.

NAKODA will offer contracting opportunities to qualified Aboriginal and First Nation’s companies, suppliers and contractors, where appropriate.

The Nations

NAKODA will encourage joint venture opportunities between Aboriginal and First Nation businesses when it builds capacity and supports mutual business interests for all parties.

NAKODA will enter into agreements with Aboriginal and First Nation’s peoples, when and where appropriate, to initiate and support training for employment opportunities, apprenticeships and other initiatives that will help build and sustain Aboriginal and First Nation’s individuals and communities.

Treaty 8 Tribal Association Joint Venture

The Treaty 8 Tribal Association are, five of the eight, Peace River Country bands who are signatories to the Treaty 8. They include:

  • West Moberly First Nations
  • Doig River First Nation
  • Halfway River First Nation
  • Prophet River First Nation
  • Saulteau First Nations

Alexis Nakota Sioux Joint Venture

The Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation no. 437 is a Nakoda First Nation which reserves near Edmonton, Hinton, and Whitecourt, in the Canadian province of Alberta, and headquartered west of Edmonton . The Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation is a member of Treaty 6.

The Alexis Nakota Sioux consists of four reserves (location):

  • Alexis Indian Reserve 133 (70 km NW of Edmonton)
  • Alexis Cardinal Indian Reserve 234 (73 km NE of Hinton)
  • Alexis Elk River Indian Reserve 233 (87 km SE of Hinton)
  • Alexis Whitecourt Indian Reserve 232 (13 km NW of Whitecourt)