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Features & Benefits

The JetHeat Advantage

JetHeat brings Jet Technology to the industrial heating market. More Powerful, More Heat, and More Efficient than any other source… We Guarantee It!

  • Maximum safety – no exposed flames and a very low CO output that meets OSHA and NIOSH standards
  • 1.4 Million BTU’s Equivalent Output
  • Variable heat settings
  • Up to 5,200 CFM of continuous air volume
  • 99.9%+ efficiency by burning #1 Ultra-Low-Sulfur Diesel
  • Demonstrated ability to start without preheating to –40C

Flameless Heat


  • Heating wellheads & BOPs
  • Heating compressors for startups
  • Temporary site heating
  • Equipment heating
  • Curing concrete
  • Frost prevention system
  • Plus many more

More Heat While Consuming Less Fuel

We're Greener By Design

Only unit of its kind in the world. Utilizes a jet turbine and a highly sophisticated combustion chamber to deliver an unbelievable amount of heat with unsurpassed energy efficiency

The Best Heater on the Market

Technologically Superior to All Competitors

99+% efficient – The most fuel efficient flameless unit available by over 30%

Highest static pressure in the market. Able to consistently deliver significantly more heat farther than any of the competition