Everyone loves SmartTalk wireless technology.

SmartTalk has features to keep your unit working properly. It detects engine issues, low fuel and helps prevent freezing. With SmartProbe, the unit is started automatically to remove any problems in specific locations. SmartTalk allows for fuel management and shutdown communication, while also self-diagnosing issues and notifying you of necessary solutions.

The Power of SmartTalkStraight from the Field

Engine Derates Due to Excessive Idling 

Downtime, delays, and expensive manpower to clear the fault… Lost revenue, lost margin, and most importantly, lost confidence in your company.

SmartTalk identifies the condition BEFORE it derates and automatically applies the load to clear the fault.

Engine Throws a Code

Nobody knows what the problem is so after some trial and error a technician with the diagnostic program is called to decipher the code and reset the engine. Resulting in extended downtime, added costs, and an unnecessary headache.
SmartTalk records the code and cross-references the detailed engine service manual. Then if it can’t resolve the condition itself, it automatically displays the most likely causes and immediate steps for the user to resolve the code.

Unit Runs Out of Fuel and Now it won’t prime

The engine is starved of fuel and contaminants on the bottom of the tank are sucked into the fuel system. The unit either needs to be repaired or replaced.

SmartTalk notifies the user before the fuel levels are critically low, and again when the fuel is critically low. If the unit is not fueled it automatically initiates a
structured shut down to prevent the engine from being starved of fuel.

Engine Debates Due to Excessive Idling 

Unit fails and it is down for an extended period
of time before anyone notices:

Before performance is affected SmartTalk senses restriction in the fuel filtration and recommends a fuel filter replacement. The user locates the onboard spare filter and maintains 100% uptime.

Unit is left unplugged and now it won’t start 

SmartTalk Arctic Start is activated to prevent the unit from ever freezing up. It automatically monitors the battery voltage and engine block temperature and starts the unit as required. BASECAMP can be left alone in the frozen tundra for over 1 month with no risk of the unit not starting.

Why choose the hard way when you can have an easy button?

Start-up a heater and check it twice a day to make sure it is still running. Adjust the temperature 4 times a day and still never seem to get the temperature right. You’re either overheating
and burning costly fuel, or risking the quality of your work. When it gets really cold you can’t even sleep because you can’t afford a freeze-up. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that someone has your back?

Place a SmartProbe in the location requiring heat, set the desired temperature, and walk away. If you don’t hear from SmartTalk, your mission is accomplished… as cost-effectively as possible.

Save Operational costs and confusion of Fueling, Maintaining, and Servicing

You can have full-time staff, fueling every 12-24 hours,
servicing every 250-500 hours, and available for repairs daily.

If SmartTalk detects a system anomaly, before performance
is affected it works to independently resolve the issue. If the condition persists it will ask for assistance. SmartTalk will always notify you if it requires fuel or service, so you can stay focused on your most important work.

Receive an example of a “Air Filter Alert” notification from SmartTalk. 

     Smart Connected Equipment is the path forward. Let technology do the heavy lifting.


    SmartTalk has features for you to keep your unit working properly. You’ll get messages if there’s something wrong with the engine or if the fuel is running low. It also notifies to change the fuel filter before it causes any problems.

    To heat a specific location, position the SmartProbe there and SmartTalk will automatically manage the temperature of your workspace. It will let you know before the fuel gets too low and will shut down properly if you don’t add more. SmartTalk can fix problems by itself and will tell you if it needs help.

    SmartTalk records and reports all operating data including fuel efficiency and SmartProbe temperature logs. If your customer wants proof that you are doing the best possible job…now you can prove it!

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