Fuel Gas Optimization


For over 5 years, NAKODA has worked with engineers, programmers, and PhDs to make the Fuel Gas Trifecta more effective. This helps us make our fuel gas equipment work well and use fuel gas work well at minimizing diesel use.

Cutting Edge Technology

Technologies that have made our fuel gas equipment the best in class.

We have the highest rated fuel gas skid on the market.

A purpose built solution for drilling and low/med flow applications.

We have a rapid connection gas distribution system.

Fuel gas data intelligence for optimal diesel displacement.

Why Choose NAKODA's Fuel Gas Trifecta?

At NAKODA ENERGY, we prioritize providing our customers with exceptional energy services. As a top Canadian energy service provider, we pride ourselves on providing only the highest-rated fuel gas skids available on the market. Our skids are designed to be stand-alone and equipped with the most advanced safety features that promote safe and autonomous operations.

Our equipment is also equipped with real-time two-way communication, allowing for remote adjustments on the fly, as well as constant access to fuel gas usage and reporting. This feature further enhances the ease and convenience of our units. Further, Our customers benefit from our 24/7 service and support.

Our newest FastTrack gas distribution system ensures that each pump receives equal gas distribution while eliminating the daisy chain effect. Plus, our new SmartSub monitoring system provides real-time visibility to the entire gas process across the entire site, allowing for maximum diesel displacement.

Amazing Features

High Flow Rates

Ability to power an entire frac spread, as well as any generators, boilers, or superheaters

Fully Autonomous Operation

No additional manpower required onsite

Leading Safety Systems

Peace of mind in all high pressure, high flow operations

Alert Notifications

Triggered alerts are communicated to NAKODA’s service department for maximum safety and uptime


Velocity skids are only 20’-25’ long, taking up minimal space onsite

Real Time Monitoring

Online 2-way communication allows for remote, on-the-fly adjustments to maximize diesel displacement

Exceptional Service

24/7 service and support provided by NAKODA’s Fuel Gas Specialists

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