BASECAMP Solves Problems

TOP 5Problems that BASECAMP Solves

Unreliable, pain in the ass equipment.

NAKODA’s equipment is built on a stable, reliable heating platform customers can depend on. PLUS, with SmartTalk – NAKODA is first to know of any service issues, before or as they happen. This combined with 24/7 service and support ensures your operation maintains maximum uptime.

Limited labor available to manage equipment onsite.

With SmartTalk’s email/text notification, the “eye in the sky” notifies staff and you of any service issues. NAKODA also proactively monitors the equipment performance, thereby reducing the need to “babysit” heaters. PLUS, with a minimum 48-hour runtime, less manhours is spent fueling equipment.

High fuel costs.

NAKODA’s heaters have been scientifically tested to each provide savings of 200- 400L of diesel per day.

Crappy equipment providers that simply can’t deliver, or only “drop off” equipment and provide non-urgent support.

NAKODA is your heating expert. We are passionate about providing the best SOLUTION, and not just a piece of equipment. We can rig in your heating solution to provide the best experience, highest heat efficiency, and most fuel savings. Our Heat staff love showing off the equipment and demonstrating to anyone on your sites. We also provide 24/7 support service, to make sure you have the heat, when you need it the most.

Valuable space on congested sites is taken up by multiple pieces of equipment.

NAKODA’s BASECAMP – Heat, Power & Lights is an effective, 3 in one compact piece of equipment. All this for the price of one.

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