Rent industrial Flameless Heaters

Industrial Heater Rental in Grande Prairie, Northern Alberta, British Columbia & beyond. Ultimate flameless heating solutions for construction sites & oilfields. BASECAMP and K2 are available for rent. 


Basecamp flameless heater (Smart 3-in-1 heater, light tower and generator)

BASECAMP is a Flameless Heater, Light Tower & Generator.
Providing the lowest cost per BTU available in temporary heat!

Heat Output of (2) Indirect Fired Heaters
27KW of Continuous Power Generation
192,000 Lumens, 5k colour Light Output
215 Litres Max Consumption Per 24 Hrs​​
48 Hours Minimum Run Time
100°C Temperature Rise Over Ambient


Nakoda K2 Industrial Flamless Heater

K2 is NAKODA’s ultra-efficient mid size flameless heater that saves your clients time, money, emissions and labour. 

Heat Output of (3) Indirect Fired Heaters
300 Litres Max Consumption Per 24 Hrs​
55 Hours Minimum Run Time
80°C Temperature Rise Over Ambient

Incredibly Cost-Efficient Flawless Heater Rental.

                       The NAKODA Basecamp can replace two traditional indirect Flamed Heaters, one Generator, and one Light Tower all while burning 70% less fuel.

                       Our revolutionary SmartTalk-connected technology increases efficiency by up to 400% by eliminating hot laps and reducing fuelling labour costs.