Customer Challenges

Nakoda Solutions

Reduce Costs

  •   Traditional heaters cost you 1200 litres more in fuel per day. The K2 can cut fuel costs by up to 70%. You will refuel at least half as much.

  •   The K2 uses recirculation—able to draw heated air from inside every crevice of the structure, instead of heating colder outside air.

  •   Cut manpower hours—larger tanks, and the K2 running at 95% efficiency, means far less refuelling.

  •   Maintenance is required every 1000 hours (competitor is 200-500 hours).

  •   SmartTalk wireless alert system tells you or NAKODA’s 24/7 dispatch when and where there’s a problem, the moment it happens. Protect your time and money.

Reduce Risk

  •   Flameless design means no risk of fire.

  •   Clean, dry heat means safe, breathable air.

  •   Certified fuel tank, spill protection, no source of ignition.

  •   Fewer heaters required means less congestion on the worksite—fewer slips and falls.

  •   Our heaters are fully compliant with OSHA, NIOSH and ACGIH standards.

Deliver Effective Heat

  •   No matter what temperature you’re in, the K2 will be 100˚ C warmer

  •   Starting capacity is 2x stronger than the competition. No matter how cold it is, your heaters start with ease.

  •   Direct huge volumes of sheer, dry heat up 4 storeys or up to 500 feet away.

  •   While traditional heaters lose 66% of their heat, the K2 retains up to 95% of it.

  •   The K2 last up to 2x as long without any service.