NAKODA Energy Services acknowledges and values the distinct qualities, capabilities, and diversities of Indigenous Peoples, as well as their profound connection with their lands and environment.

By fostering transparent communication, we strive to cultivate constructive partnerships with Indigenous Peoples founded on principles of trust, honesty, and integrity. This collaborative approach fosters a harmonious synergy aimed at achieving shared objectives and mutually advantageous business outcomes.

NAKODA is dedicated to establishing meaningful relationships with Indigenous Peoples residing in regions where traditional lands and communities lie in proximity to, or may be impacted by, our projects and operations.

NAKODA Energy Services demonstrates a profound regard for the traditional values and ways of life of Indigenous Peoples, as well as their cultural heritage sites and the intricate connection they share with their lands and the environment. We prioritize transparent and candid two-way communication with Indigenous Peoples concerning all aspects of NAKODA’s operations.

Our unwavering dedication lies in collaborating with Indigenous Peoples to continuously reap the benefits resulting from NAKODA’s operations, including fostering opportunities for capacity-building in training, employment, and business development.

Within NAKODA, we foster an environment that fosters understanding, respect, and meaningful opportunities for local Indigenous Peoples, both among our employees and contractors. As a company committed to corporate social responsibility, we hold ourselves, our employees, and our contractors accountable to operate in alignment with the aforementioned principles.

In fulfilling our commitment, NAKODA takes the lead in providing ongoing leadership and allocating resources, including developing action plans, to effectively implement the above-stated principles and policies.


NAKODA is firmly committed to providing equitable opportunities to Indigenous Peoples, enabling them to become valued members of our permanent workforce.

Additionally, we actively seek to foster partnerships with qualified Indigenous-owned companies, suppliers, and contractors, ensuring they are considered for contracting opportunities whenever suitable and relevant.


NAKODA is dedicated to promoting joint venture opportunities among Indigenous businesses, focusing on enhancing capacity and fostering mutual business interests that benefit all involved parties.

In alignment with our commitment to inclusivity, NAKODA will engage in agreements with Indigenous Peoples, where relevant and suitable, to facilitate and support training programs aimed at creating employment opportunities, apprenticeships, and other initiatives that contribute to the empowerment and sustainability of Indigenous individuals and communities.


The Treaty 8 Tribal Association is five of the eight, Peace River Country bands who are signatories to Treaty 8. They include: