Your Fuel Powering Your Profits


NAKODA has spent the last three years working with Engineers, Programmers and PhD’s to optimize the Fuel Gas Trifecta to understand what is required in designing our equipment and developing our processes to maximize fuel gas usage and diesel displacement.

High Flow Rates

Ability to power an entire frac spread, as well as any generators, boilers, or superheaters.

Fully Autonomous Operation

No additional manpower required onsite

Leading Safety Systems

Peace of mind in all high pressure, high flow operations

Real Time Monitoring

Online 2-way communication allows for remote, on-the-fly adjustments to maximize diesel displacement

Alert Notifications

Triggered alerts are communicated to NAKODA’s service department for maximum safety and uptime

Exceptional Service

24/7 service and support provided by NAKODA’s Fuel Gas Specialists

Small Footprint

Velocity skids are only 20’-25’ long, taking up minimal space onsite