Rent A 3-in-1
Heater, Light Tower
& Generator

Decrease your cost per BTU and Require up to 75% Less Service.

We are the top-rated Canadian service provider offering Fuel Gas Control Systems and Service and Industrial Flameless Heaters for rent in Alberta and Northern BC.

Incredibly Cost-Efficient.

The NAKODA Basecamp can replace two traditional indirect Flamed Heaters, one Generator, and one Light Tower all while burning 70% less fuel.

There’s only one question: What will you do with all that extra budget?

Our revolutionary SmartTalk connected technology increases efficiency by up to 400% by eliminating hot laps, and reducing fuelling labor costs. With real-time 24/7 monitoring, you can make your heating program your superpower!

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Oil & Gas


Remote Logistics


Emergency Preparedness

Everyone loves SmartTalk wireless technology.

SmartTalk has features to keep your unit working properly. You’ll get messages if there’s something wrong with the engine or if the fuel is running low. It also notifies to change the fuel filter before it causes any problems.

To heat a specific location, position the SmartProbe there and SmartTalk will automatically manage the temperature of your workspace. It will let you know before the fuel gets too low and will shut down properly if you don’t add more. SmartTalk can fix problems by itself and will tell you if it needs help.

Knowledge is power and SmartTalk lets you take the focus off of winter, and back onto delivering the project on time and on a budget!

The result: Peace of mind for both you and your team that even when Mother Nature shows her cold side, the heat will be on.

Rent a Temporary Heating Solution Today!

We made it easy for you to rent a heater without flames for your temporary industrial heating needs.


Basecamp flameless heater (Smart 3-in-1 heater, light tower and generator)

BASECAMP is cleaner and safer than competing combustion heaters, and BASECAMP has a built-in Generator and Light Tower. 


Nakoda K2 Industrial Flamless Heater
Starting capacity is 2x stronger than the competition. No matter how cold it is, your heaters start with ease.

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."
- Steve Jobs

Fuel Gas Control Systems and Service!

NAKODA Energy is a leading Canadian energy expert that offers the best fuel gas services, which can power over 24 bi-fuel frac pumps. It has various safety features to ensure secure operation, and you can even adjust it remotely and monitor the fuel gas usage. We have technicians available 24/7 to assist with any technical support needed. 

Our unit is only 25 feet long, so it can fit on small pads. Additionally, we have a SmartSub system that guarantees equal gas distribution throughout each pump while eliminating the daisy chain.